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Июнь 2023

Janice Parker

Отзыв о поездке по индивидуальной программе для Janice Parker - ландшафтный дизайнер из США, которая была ученицей Джона Брукса.

В августе 2019 года мы организовали для Дженис поездку по питомникам - Вашутино, Садко, Ниваки, Империал Гарден, а так же посетили Аптекарский огород, парк Зарядье, Фабрику Станиславского и парк Горького.

В мае 2020 года мы провели вебинар с Дженис Паркер.


I am so glad to hear from you. My flight was very smooth.

I am going to send you a note –words cannot express what a great support and help the tour was for me. Not only did I learn what I needed to know to be able to prepare a planting plan for my project, I met so many wonderful people and had the best introduction possible to Russia. I am so grateful.

The dates in February sound good, I will block them in my calendar. I would be excited to teach and practice with Russian students and designers.

I will follow up with more “take aways” in a few days, once I recover!

Irina, thank you so much for your friendship and support – a big hug to you!

All the best,

Janice Parker